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Reign VIII

Only in blindly insisting you weren’t
A sellout did you give up and proclaim
Your turning, your protean self, about-
Faced, crippled and lame, broken and shamed.
For every starving artist, I have known
One well-fed: a singer-psychologist,
A poet-professor, people who owned
It, blending their art and artifice
In equal measure. Poor as I am, I
Do not starve, for I am rich in spirits.
Narcissism and rage are my bread, my
Water my own voice and all who hear it.
Even if I starve, my muse will still sing:
“No gods, no masters, every man a king.”


Who Says It Can’t Buy You Happiness?

How’d I get rich?

I found something. A book. And in it was a spell to alter reality. Use a big enough sacrifice, get whatever you want. So long as the sacrifice has “value.”

But the caster doesn’t have to be one that values it.

So, please. By all means. Keep wishing you were me.

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