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Reign XIV

The coronation of King No Future
Came on like a bad hangover: sudden
As a star collapsing into sutured existence,
Painful as a cracked skull and a broken
Heart, and just as inevitable. This
Is our life now, homeless and indebted,
Marginalized and indignant. Well, piss
On the world that left us here, abetted
The theft of our later days. Tiny hands
Force crowns of thorns on us all, begin to
Salute. They laugh, those new Charles IIs,
But the only royalty is us. So
We live like exiles looking for a fight.
(It was always two minutes to midnight.)


Quatern (We are all of us Christ on the cross)

We are all of us Christ on the cross,

Tiny messiahs shouldering burdens,

Dragging our feet down a dusty path.

Spit and curses fall on us like rain.


Turn to your neighbor and whisper,

“We are all of us Christ on the cross,”

Proclaim to whoever will listen.

Watch their heads nod mechanically.


Hear their responses without hearing.

Feel your burden anew and proclaim,

We are all of us Christ on the cross.

I am Sisypuhus pushing the boulder.”


Preach it like divine revelation,

Like we are not each of us Atlas

Crushed beneath the weight of our own worlds.

We are all of us Christ on the cross.

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