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On Again, Off Again

Still and breathless

Desensitized to pleasure

Nothing to hide

You will not want me any other way


You’ll miss him

You’ll get used to pain

Protect yourself

Fill the void


Who cares what’s behind?

Here I lay in love with your mystery

I can help you

Take me


This may hurt to feel these lips

Still I want more

I need more

I just need it


Who cares who sees anything?

Let the whole world look in

Lucky witnesses keep me on the edge

Just like always


We belong together for the last time

I won’t stop until you ask me

You’ll hate me all night long

Never looked so good


I love you in a way that isn’t love,

A scientist gazing at butterflies

And imagining the most beautiful

Impaled, penetrated, stuck on a pin.


I want you like a butcher wants meat: fresh,

Red, pink, wet, the choicest cuts spread out and

Awaiting the cleaver, waiting to be

Transformed into art by his bloody hand.


I see you like a conquistador sees

Virgin land: there for the taking, green fields,

blue waters, shining riches beneath a

Thin veneer begging to be torn away.


I love you like a writer: empty words

And idle ugly thoughts and nothing more.

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