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Reign XIV

The coronation of King No Future
Came on like a bad hangover: sudden
As a star collapsing into sutured existence,
Painful as a cracked skull and a broken
Heart, and just as inevitable. This
Is our life now, homeless and indebted,
Marginalized and indignant. Well, piss
On the world that left us here, abetted
The theft of our later days. Tiny hands
Force crowns of thorns on us all, begin to
Salute. They laugh, those new Charles IIs,
But the only royalty is us. So
We live like exiles looking for a fight.
(It was always two minutes to midnight.)


Reign XII

The world was ending, but we were dancing
Our merry little jig, two fisting beers,
Smoking “don’t worry about it,” asking
Questions about LD50s and fear.
The day I traded my brain for a chip,
Nothing changed. I was born of Rage and Love
To begin with, was sick of the world’s shit
By seventeen, but not in the sense of
Eating a bullet. No, I was aggrieved.
I wanted only to dance and sing, suck down
Cherry vitriol and spit fire (believe
Me, I have enough hate to go around.)
I will not be silenced, will not be shamed.
With pen and ink, blood and bone, I proclaim.

Reign IX

“No gods. No masters. Every man a king.”
How’s that for a nice creed, a glory be,
An invitation to keep your fucking
Hands off other people’s shit and just leave
Well enough alone? Do you really think
Your god has called you to not let bodies
Be bawdy, to forge the chains that will link
Us together in oppression? Bitch, please.
Christ would never consent to this charade,
To rule by Keebler elves and slovenly
Con men, money changers who would parade
Their wealth and demand more. You’ll never see
What it really means to be of the book.
(We preached our creed with every breath we took.)

A Sixth Interpretation of King Eglon the Moabite

Tiny hands and a tremendous gut
Sat atop the shitter where they would die

We’re going to show them
How great Moab is
Let them see it
Let them feel it
Let our greatness spread
Like oil on water
Let it burn like a fire
Fit to engulf the earth”

They know, Sir, they know

Then, give us another slice of that cake
So beautiful
So delicious and moist

Mosca Naranja

When the trumpet sounded, all the earth was
Prepared. The skies divided like water,
And from the wound dropped a fat orange fly
Sticky wet with marmalade afterbirth,
Stinking, bloated, putrescence in the flesh

It proclaimed itself a god, and none dared
Dispute it. The fly was given a crown,
But in the end, it lived a life that was
Short and disgusting, just like any other fly

Today’s Poem Has Been Preempted by 70 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in tailspin –
watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran.
He is desperate.
– Donald J. Trump, October 9th, 2012

Obama’s approval rating, 10/8-14/2012
50% approve
45% disapprove

Trump’s approval rating, April 6th, 2017
40.4% approve
53.7% disapprove

– Donald J. Trump, September 5th, 2013

…when, with modest effort and risk, we can
stop children from being gassed to death,
and thereby makes our kids safer over the long run,
I believe we should act.
…that is what makes America
That is what makes us
– Barack Obama, September 10th, 2013

2014 cost of a Tomahawk missile:

Estimated cost to fire 70 missiles in 2017:


Estimated Syrian refugees based on UN estimate from March 2016:
6,130,000 – 6,320,000

Registered Syrian refugees as of March 2017:

How much bombing airfields
could have done four years ago,
how little it might do now

I have nothing more to say

(I am dissolving in quotes
and statistics
and half-formed ideas about
American exceptionalism)

Fake News Created from Statements on the Sarin Gas Attack in Idlib, Syria

Syria, Idlib Province

There are brutal, unabashed, self-proclaimed reports of deaths. Chemical weapons. Chemical attacks. Women, children: dead. Dozens. Many. Genuine innocent people.

Bashar al-Assad stands resolute. “Chemical weapons are anyone’s weakness. It’s fundamental. We established a red line. The United States does nothing. The civilized world does nothing. Those supporters of ceasefire condemning barbarism? Intentions defend nothing. Moral demands bear chemical weapon attacks, not decency.”

Tillerson: “Today’s intolerable attack will be ignored. The exercise is clear: condemn, monitor, disregard. To ensure is to have no guarantee.”

Trump: “Horrific. President Obama attacks children. Terrible. Our ally Russia shows support.”

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