America’s Movable Fighting Man

Under a spring sun burning like
a magnifying glass, the boy wonders
(How to have the most fun with YOUR G.I. JOE EQUIPMENT)
what will occupy his afternoon

Father and mother bought
all these toys
(machine guns, rifles, grenades)
but you can’t buy Junior an imagination

Still, in lieu of substance
style will suffice
and quantity has a quality
all its own
and the neighbor’s older brother
(brings a new concept to the wonderful fun of “Playing Soldier”!)
had so many extra fireworks this year

When all you got is a hammer
(put him ashore in a beachhead landing in the Pacific)
(put him in action in an Asian jungle)
everything looks like a nail
and when all you got are fireworks
something’s going to go boom
(right in your own home!)
(right in your own backyard!)


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