Pogo, Pt. 1

Well, that sure was something akin to an unannounced vacation. Anyway, I’m back! Let’s have a horror story about herpetology, shall we?

It was an unnatural thing. Limbs ending in spindly fingers and toes tipped with claws. A body like leather studded with thorns. It’s mouth as wide as it’s head, like an open abyss you could fall into and then be no more. And the eyes. Beady and soulless and somehow guileless, but they tracked you as you moved. The thing wasn’t stupid; it simply thought in a way too alien to fathom.

“Jesus Christ,” Rosa said. “Why the Hell did you buy this thing?”

Steve grinned, his teeth a bright in shining white in the warm light of their bedroom. “Isn’t he the best? I’m going to call him Pogo!”

“Babe, why did you buy a big-ass lizard?”

Steve’s grin softened into a shy smile. With his messy brown hair and his hazel eyes, he looked younger than his years. Not that either of them were very old, but sometimes Steve still seemed like a boy. “I don’t know. I thought he looked cool. My older brother used to have a leopard gecko when we were kids. This kind of reminded me of David.” The quiet smile on Steve’s face turned into a smirk. “Except Pogo’s way cooler, obviously. That leopard gecko just had spots; Pogo’s got spikes.”


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