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Last Confession for a While

I don’t want to fight, not truly


It’s just easier to curl a hand into a fist

Than it is to hold it out and open,

Unfolded like a flower


It becomes habit, hackles raised,

Hissing and growling at the entire world

Bam. 30 in 30. Thank you for reading!



I was born inadequate

Vision so weak, I should have been blind

Body so frail, I should have been dead

The plastic lenses were inadequate, too

The flesh lacking while the spirit screamed for more

But God never made a mistake so grand

That enough money couldn’t fix it


A demon of glass and metal

It lives like a being fitted out

With a mind and soul

Yet it is nevertheless not human

Tatanka Tanka

Salt-scent and gates of

Gold. We knew golden oceans,

Amber waves of grain.

We were never meant for this,

But isn’t it kind of nice?


Seiren, the last thing of substance I said to you was “Hello”

It’s all been downhill ever since,

Every other word to escape my lips

A piece of fruit that has rotted on the vine

But was plucked and delivered anyway


Were I not dumb, I would sing to you

The notes conveying what my words cannot


(Your skin is pale and soft

I want to kiss it

I imagine you wet)

Knock-down, Drag-out

Cracked knuckles and split lips,

This is our dance. Pulling hair,

Bruising egos, building up

Ourselves and tearing each

Other down. “Here is why

I’m right. Let me show you

Everywhere you’re wrong.”


I’m never so happy

As when we spar


Tar water, heal me

Breathe life into this machine

Wind me up again

Death Metal Angel

I name you angel, for I know you must

Be (ethereal with an alien

tongue, your body like a vision of lust

And blood.) I call you a valkyrie, venom-


Tipped blade in one hand, the other a fist

Raised to the sky, pumping, punctuating

Every laugh and snarl that flows from your lips.

From the pit, I watch you ascend, soaring


On the backs of lesser creatures, combat

Boots launching you towards the lights of the stage.

Dís, ride the immortal energy that

We exude, embrace our joy and our rage.


I worship you, Goddess of Destruction,

Though you’re a vision from a concussion

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