Assault on Anomgen Base, Pt. 8

Now that he knew she was here, he could sense her presence everywhere. Of course Brekart hadn’t told him that she was here. The woman was greedy for glory. Doubtless she’d thought that if she turned the greatest general of the enemy over to the Chancellor, she’d reap unimagined rewards. A promotion. A larger command. A greater share of the spoils of battle. More autonomy. And she would have seen Grigor as an obstacle to that success, as a competitor.

Grigor shook his head. She didn’t understand him. Of course, no one really did, but she was especially blind, set in her beliefs and obstinate to a point that it cut through his malaise and actually frustrated him.

Bah. Their bickering didn’t matter. Genni was aboard the ship and she was loose? Very well. Grigor would capture her himself and put the entire debacle to rest. He reached out, looked for her specific thought patterns and emotional tendencies and she was–

The power plant.

But why? Why had she escaped from a prison cell just to–


She’s going to destroy the power plant. She’s going to destroy the base.

The cloud of sorrow and hopelessness and apathy that defined Grigor’s every waking moment lifted, and in its place a surge of fear crashed through him like a wave.

She was going to ruin everything. In a universe of cruelty and uncertainty and senseless conflict, the Jaffe Republic brought stability and order. Their methods might have been harsh, but people had to be coerced out of their natural state of animal brutality. Some were responsive to the necessity of the arrangement, some weren’t.

The base was instrumental in achieving peace, didn’t she see that? The leadership of the so-called People’s Army were all short-sighted fools who saw the Republic as conquerors, as “Annexers,” but surely Genni was smarter than that. She had to be. She would see reason, wouldn’t she?

The fear faded. Grigor closed his eyes and took a deep breath, cast his feelings into the void at the center of his being. He made his way towards the base’s power plant. She would see reason. She would.

He would make her.


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