Assault on Anomgen Base, Pt. 7

Grigor sat alone in his isolation chamber, trying to pick individual minds out of the noise of Anomgen Base. He could sense waves of emotion as was always the case: fear now. Anger. Excitement. Confusion. Something was happening, but it was impossible to say what unless he could lock onto a single mind and analyze its thoughts.

Of course, he could always leave the tank and go see for himself, but his reasons for avoiding that were two-fold. First, there was value in testing himself, in pushing the limits of his mind and his senses. Second, active exposure to other minds turned the noise from a gentle caress to a slap across the face. It was mentally deafening. It was physically painful. If he wasn’t prepared for it, it would leave him incapacitated, mewling and helpless.

It meant that he was alone, alien from the rest of humanity. But that was fine. He’d be alone his entire life, isolated even from his family, from his twin. He was used to it. He’d learned how to draw power from it. Let other psykers draw power from love and joy and fury and fear and pain and all the other emotions that ruled hearts and minds. Sorrow was Grigor’s, and in knowing sorrow he knew truth, limitless and essential and unforgiving. The universe was one of sorrow, of suffering. It marched steadily towards a great ceasing, great loneliness and isolation as all matter in it separated from itself and became too cold and distant to ever interact.

Holding that certainty in his heart, drawing comfort from it even as it weighed heavily upon him, Grigor emerged from the isolation chamber. The thoughts of everyone on the base surged into a roar, but in doing so, they became a kind of white noise. Brekart will know what’s going on, he thought as he searched for the Commander’s mind. He found it quickly. The woman was standing on the bridge, shouting orders. He sensed anger. Rage, really. How dare the People’s Army attack us here, how dare they, our psi-drones will shred their pathetic fleet and then we’ll harvest every last one of their bases, what do you mean the prisoner’s escaped?

Grigor frowned. That thought needed further examining. He’d been in the isolation chamber for a long time. Evidently they’d taken a prisoner and hadn’t seen fit to inform him. But why? Why would they do that, unless–

He pulled the name from Brekart’s head. Genni…


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