Theophory, Babel (2016)

I haven’t had time to write a new post, unfortunately. I’ve been revising some of my older work to submit to a couple different places. Are they improved? I think so, but who can objectively appraise their own work. Anyway, links to the originals are below and the new drafts are below those. Enjoy!


Flax hair and lapis eyes

I created you


You, my beautiful heterodoxy

You, my graven image

You, my one who is like God


I ate of your body

Drank of your blood


I built a coffee shop altar

Where I could kneel before

Your laugh, your smile

Where I could make myself believe


(That I did not

Do it backwards

That I did not, in my apostasy,

Create a goddess to save me

Instead of finding one to believe in)



Do you remember the language we spoke then?

A wild tongue, squeaks and growls and moans,

A language of the body, muscles vibrating like taut strings.

We held each other and we trembled

At what we had built


Soft promises piled up to reach the sky,

Towers topped with choirs,

Mouths singing syllables of love and praise

To spite the whole world, singing so even

Angels would have to say,


This is not right. This is not allowed at all.


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