Assault on Anomgen Base, Pt. 2

Jingo Jamizon watched dispassionately as the strike team’s boarding pod left the Independence, streaked across open space, and slammed into the hull of Anomgen Base. Her Tiger’s early warning system beeped at him and she jerked the fighter out of the way of a psi-drone’s incoming fire. “Alright, boys and girls,” she barked into the ship-to-ship comms as she looped around and shot at the drone. “This is Phantom-Leader. The package has landed, and that means our mission just went from ‘be a pain in the ass’ to ‘do some serious damage.’ Hammerheads, you pick up a strong psionic or nuclear energy reading coming off the base, you bomb it. Makos, keep the Hammers safe. Tigers, focus on priority targets. Psi-drones over auto-drones.”

Jingo’s ship squealed a warning at her again, and once more she expertly dodged the incoming enemy fire. The space between the two vessels had already been humming with activity as the Independence’s fighters clashed with the automated ships produced by the Anomgen Base, but now the void was alive with plasma fire, guided missiles, and psionic energy. It was more than a human’s mind could ever hope to follow, and even with the fighters’ individual AI helping out their pilots, it was still chaos. But the damn Annexers had developed some kind of method for integrating their ships’ AI with psyker pilots, and the People’s Army couldn’t hope to match their brutal efficiency. Jingo might pilot her Tiger like it was an extension of her own body, but even she was outgunned by someone whose ship might as well have actually been their own body.

A psi-drone went down in a burst of flames, the auto-drones that it had been helping to control suddenly helpless and ineffective without it. Off in the distance, a Hammerhead unloaded a salvo of missiles into a production facility on Anomgen Base. It went up in flames and a cheer broke out on the comms, but there dozens more factories, and the base was spewing out drones like angry hornets coming from a nest…


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