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No Updates, 10/27 – 10/31

No updates this week. I’m busy prepping for NaNoWriMo. Expect something a lot less feelings-y and much more pulpy. Also, shorter.


Much, much shorter.


In His House

Ancient god staring blankly from the sea

Thinking nothing and dreaming of dead things

Building a Better Machine

Body black with the soot that pours from

Chimneys, gears grinding away as the

Great beast rakes the ground with claws, dragging

It’s body towards Bethlehem


But does it have to be this way?

Must a beast slouch? Must a body crawl?

Couldn’t it be made to walk, to run?

Why is it dead things that fuel it?


Imagine this great engine better

A colossus crossing new lands

Not because they said it couldn’t be done

But because standing tall is worthy in itself

Premonitions of a Coffee Shop Conversation

If it even happens, we’ll sit in silence, my tongue numb in my mouth, and yours locked away in the same place you keep your heart secret and safe, and in the end we’ll just get up and leave.

Or maybe we’ll confess our sins, and there will be tears but we’ll feel better about things. Everything will be different, nothing will be the same, but at least we’ll feel better.

Or unlikeliest of all, we’ll talk and see eye-to-eye, and we’ll smile and laugh, and our hands will touch, and in time so will our lips.

But I doubt it.

I’ve spent my life torturing myself with imagined words. Why stop now?

Richard Puts on the Mask

In the bathroom, staring at the mirror, sick again.

I was a triple letter. All-state. Graduated and joined the Army. I had so much promise once, and now I got nothing. Just nightmares, bad memories, dead friends. Too broken to work, to live.

But by God, I’ll show you I can still swing a bat.

Do Not Touch

I am no cat to be bribed with cream,

No dog whining and begging for treats

I am cold-blooded, solitary


Look at my scales, my spines. Don’t you see?

I am a creature of meaner eyes,

Born with sharper teeth and darker needs

A Life of Mending

In the beginning, we knew each other whole.

That intimacy was the most natural state

Of being, but a flaw in the fabric of

Things pulled us apart, created that

First break, set us in motion.


But we are born to fight entropy. We are

Heavenly bodies finding each other in

The dark, acting on each other in

Ways we’ll never understand.


We can fix this. We can laugh in the

Face of decay. A strong force

Attracts us. Gravity will

Pull us back together.


You will see, I promise you. You

Will see that the very act of

Living is to be mending,


That it is in the nature of

Our bodies to come

together, that


What has been broken will

Be made whole, and that


My universe will never be empty so long as you are in it.

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