Nerd Braggadocio

Thank you for reading this past month. I’ve gotten more comments, likes, views, warm fuzzy feelings, et cetera than ever before. I’ve heard from readers who have been here since the beginning, I’ve gotten a lot of new readers. It’s been fantastic. You keep reading, I’ll keep writing. You comment, I’ll reply. You ask questions, I’ll answer them. That’s my promise to you guys.

And now, here’s something completely silly.

Let’s talk differences, differentials, essentials
What I’m saying is, I rock so much, it’s fucking mental
I write my lines with a fountain pen; you use a pencil
I’m straight and hard as a tungsten rod; you’re tangential

Yeah, I meant what you think I did: the girls with you are slumming
No Scarlett Jo’s, no Salma Hay’s, scores so low it’s stunning
Me, I get ice queens hot. Ask Elsa, she says you nothing
But me, I’m a Stark, ’cause in the dark I got winter coming

If we’re talking like pirates, I get treasure: Perl, Ruby, booty
If we’re talking dogs, your bitches BASIC, my bitches cuties
If we’re talking sports, I’m the Olympics and you’re just Rudy
But we’re talking nerd, so I’m MLG and you’re a newbie


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