California, We Need to Talk

Everything’s changed

Everything changes

Everything gets old

Everything gets grown

But us


Ten years and we’re no bigger

Ten years and we’re not better

Ten years and I’m still bitter

Ten years and you’re no wetter


That rich boy’s got his hand on your ass

And that should be me

Should have been me

Should still be me

But I’m as broke

As your curves are brown


You’re not an island

You never were

That shit’s done

It’s dumb, it’s plain as the sun

Shining on coasts

Shining on cities

Do you miss me?

I miss you


Or maybe I miss a memory

I miss a fantasy

A you that never existed

Or a you that died a long time ago

I miss golden rivers and golden bears

Miss golden roads and growing old together

But I don’t even know you now

All plastic and silicon

When I’m all calluses and bones


And you’re just not as wet as you used to be


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