Seven Souls

The first soul loved too much

An inextinguishable flame

The love burned within it

And like a bird

Flitting from flower to flower

It shared its love with all the world


The second soul hungered

It wanted to experience everything

No delicacy too exquisite

No pleasure too depraved

No sensation too shocking

It lapped up all the world offered

Like wine


The third soul was miserly

No love would it share

No novelty would it indulge

No kindness would it show

It had given away too much

Spent too much time and effort

Never again


The fourth soul despaired

What did anything matter?

What had anything meant?

What had it accomplished?

Everything ended

Everything grew dull

Better just to end it all


The fifth soul raged

It was a cruel world

It was an uncaring universe

Everyone suffered and everyone

Was culpable in the suffering and

No one saw it

They had to be made to see


The sixth soul seethed

Warrior-king, people-beloved

Temperate and just

Utterly shackled by role and responsibility

How it resented its subjects

How it longed to live their lives

Stupid and cared for and free


The souls divided then

The whole split into seven pieces

The six went their separate ways

Loving, yearning, saving, pondering, fighting, appraising

They changed lives and worlds

They did limitless good

They murdered the seventh


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