Creativity Will Save the World, Pt. 7

April is National Poetry Month, and that means this story’s going on hold as I “write” “poems” for thirty “days.” Don’t worry, though. I’ll be back to finish it in May!

Things only got worse as the week went on, my coworkers all becoming more and more insufferable. Once word had spread of Lisa’s dream board, people flocked from every department to view it. She worked on the thing feverishly, copying it onto a piece of poster board which she hung within her cubicle, expanding it with sticky notes and pieces of paper and pins and string, eventually turning her entire wall into a makeshift mural. The crowds gathered round and nodded and murmured . They applauded Lisa for her creativity and they vowed to make their own dream boards, and they applauded themselves for their creativity.

I pointed out that there was nothing creative about everyone thinking and acting the same, let alone copying Lisa’s idea, but I was ignored.

The dream boards became more elaborate. Gabe gave his ridiculous presentation with assistants wearing spandex full-body suits doing interpretive dance. The investors were thoroughly unimpressed, but he just stood there and smiled until the meeting was over. The CEO came up to him after and praised him for his creativity and gave him a promotion and a raise, and that was when I decided that it was time for me to quit the company.

Before I could, however, Richard from accounting stabbed Meagan the HR lady.


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