Prisoner’s Dilemma, Pt. 15

The Grey Man begins tightening the cutter around Robert’s pinky but stops once again.


You know what? This isn’t working. I’m not about to cripple this kid further if it’s not going to produce results.

The Grey Man stands up and nods towards the goons. They begin pulling Robert to his feet, restraining him, tying his hands behind his back, etc. As they do so, the Grey Man walks back towards Jimmy, studies him.


We know he’s your best friend, but we really had him pegged as the most important person to you. You’re not cold enough not to care that he’s suffering, so there must be something else you care about more.


What is it, Jimmy? Tell me. Help me help you.

Jimmy ignores the Grey Man, his focus on his friend.


What are you going to do with him?


Hm? Oh, him? Well, we’re not going to kill him. You don’t need to worry about that. But he’s heard and seen too much for us to really let him go. I imagine he’ll spend some time somewhere far away. If we think he can be reintroduced to society, he will be. If not, he’ll stay there for the rest of his life. Hell, depending on how cooperative he is and if our psych guys think we can trust him, maybe we’ll even offer him a job. In a different country, of course. Someplace where it isn’t going to do any damage if he decides to snap and start running his mouth.


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