Prisoner’s Dilemma, Pt. 7

The sound of the cutter RATCHETING fills the air, as do Robert’s muffled screams. Finally, there is a SNAP.

The Grey Man drops the cutter and walks over to Jimmy. With the careless nonchalance of a smoker discarding a cigarette butt, he flicks Robert’s severed FINGER at Jimmy’s face. Jimmy is helpless to do anything but try and turn his head away.

It doesn’t work. Jimmy vomits in his lap.



The store is typical of its kind for the a big city: full of soft drinks and alcohol, magazines and snacks, a few simple groceries. The CLERK is an older woman, unremarkable save for the fact that Young Robert has her pressed against the wall, a gun in her face. The Clerk is wide-eyed with fear, begging him not to hurt her as he alternates between shouting threats at her and shouting at Young Jimmy to hurry up. Young Jimmy is loading the contents of the cash register into a backpack. The two boys are wearing caps and masks to hide their identity, but they have not done a particularly good job of it.

Young Jimmy finishes his task and shouts back at Young Robert.


Alright, let’s go, let’s go!


(to the Clerk)

You never saw us, you got it? You call the cops, we’re going to find you and kill you! We’ll kill your husband, your kids, we’ll kill your whole fucking family!


Damn it, let’s go!

The two boys run out of the store, leaving the Clerk behind sobbing on the floor.


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