Prisoner’s Dilemma, Pt. 6

Huh. I forgot I haven’t been updating on weekends. Oh, well! More updates for you all!

Realization begins to dawn on Jimmy’s face. He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with yet, but he’s beginning to understand that they’re with the government.


Are you DEA?

The Grey Man smiles, amused.


You’re still thinking too small, kid. But you’re on the right track. I think that’s enough with the twenty questions, though. You still haven’t told me what I want to know. Let’s see if we can’t do something about that.

The Grey Man walks away from Jimmy and steps over to Robert. He gestures to the goons and one of them sets a toolbox on the ground before him. The Grey Man squats down and rifles through it before producing a pair of PLIERS and a KNIFE.

With a nod of his head, he motions for the two goons to hold Robert down tight and then he uses the knife to slice through the bonds on the prisoner’s hands. He grasps the man’s hand and grips one of the fingernails with the pliers.


Alright, Jimmy. The rules are simple. I’m going to ask you to talk. Every time you say no, your buddy here pays the price. This can be as easy or as painful as you want. It’s up to you. But just to prove I’m not playing…

The Grey Man tears Robert’s nail free with a single movement. Robert struggles against the goons’ grip and screams through the duct tape. The room descends into chaos, Robert screaming in pain, Jimmy shouting in anger and fear, the Grey Man asking questions over them both. He pulls another fingernail or two off of Robert as Jimmy refuses to answer any of questions. Only the goons are silent, as they always are. Finally, the Grey Man shouts over Jimmy and Robert both.


You know what? Fine. I can see you’re not taking me seriously. Let’s up the ante.

The Grey Man throws the pliers back into the tool box and pulls out a RATCHETING PIPE CUTTER. He steps back over to Robert and fits the tool around the little finger of his free hand.


I want you to know you drove me to this. You could have just cooperated. Instead you’re being difficult, and now look what you’re making me do to Robert.


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