Prisoner’s Dilemma, Pt. 3


Jimmy, I really don’t have time for this. (to one of the goons) Bring him in.

One of the goons exits the rooms, footsteps as he leaves.


Do you know how I know you’re lying, Jimmy? Because I have guys following you and all your little friends. I have an army of men and women that sit at desks and read your emails and listen to your phone calls and go through your texts. I know which of your utility bills you’re late on. I know how much money you spend at bars. I know which girls you send pictures of your dick to. You and me, we’re basically best friends, Jimmy. I know everything about you.

The goon re-enters the room dragging a bound PRISONER in a hood and shoves the prisoner down to the ground at the Grey Man’s feet.


And if that weren’t enough, your friend Robert here already told me everything.

Confusion fills Jimmy’s face. The Grey Man bends down low and tears the hood off of the prisoner, and we see that the prisoner is ROBERT, a young man of about Jimmy’s age, of the same ethnicity and a similar fashion sense. There is a duct tape over his mouth and his eyes are wide with fear.




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