2014 in Review

As a year, 2014 has been pretty damn good for the blog and not bad for my career as a writer.

The blog’s seen more views and gotten more followers than ever before. Yay! Doubtless a good chunk of those followers are bots and, as ever, a good chunk of those views were from folks whose tireless search for pornography mistakenly brought them here. But that’s okay! Every bit helps. And who knows? Maybe someday I’ll host porn here and those lost souls will return to me. Probably not, though.

I got paid for some of my writing for the first time ever this year (as you may recall from back in September, when I was cramming Corona down everybody’s throats (the poems, not the beer.)) To celebrate this milestone, I got a tattoo! The tattoo cost me nearly eight times what I made by selling the poem. I’m not very good at finances.

I got further in NaNoWriMo than ever before this year, although not only did the novel grow well beyond its initial scope, but I also didn’t meet the 50,000 word goal. Sigh. But goddamnit, I’m going to finish that thing next year even if it kills me.

I’ve managed to update every day (for given definitions of “every” and “day.”) At any rate, this is the 365th update this year, so I’m reasonably proud of that.

In terms of my personal life, I [REDACTED].

So where does that leave everything? Frankly, I could use a vacation. I’m pleased that I was able to write so much this year (probably an order of magnitude more than any year before,) but holy crap is doing so draining. If I were able to support myself with my writing such that it was my job or if I were on amphetamines, maybe I wouldn’t feel quite so exhausted by it, but that’s not the case. Still, that’s the dream (writing for a living, not being on amphetamines.)

Anyway, here’s the plan. I’m taking January off, meaning that I won’t be updating every day. I may not update at all during this time, or I may update a few times a week. My goal is to finish the damn novel so I can edit it in the first quarter of 2015 and either prep it for self-publication as an ebook or shop it around. Starting in February, I’ll… I have no idea. I honestly can’t for my brain to think that far ahead. But there’ll be something here. I guarantee it.

Before I go, let’s have some thank yous. Thank you to my friends and family for their support (not even necessarily for the writing, although I do get that from them. More just for the day to day stuff.)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment. Comments are so infrequent that I’m always pleased and excited to see them. You guys brighten my day. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who read. Whether you’re a regular, a newcomer, or someone who stopped in looking for porn, sniffed dismissively, and never returned, thank you. As I told a coworker earlier this week, “Making art and never showing it to anyone is masturbating.” Thank you for making it so that I’m not just sitting here masturbating.

Thank you to the people that, wittingly or not, served as the inspiration for some of my pieces this year. Whatever it was that made me think, “I need to write this down,” thank you for serving as my muse. You will not be paid for this service, but thanks!

I suppose that’s it for now. My brain is rapidly turning to mush, and I’m looking forward to hibernating for the remainder of the winter. Thank you for reading. Good luck and God bless.

– Thomas Cavazos


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