Christmas Shopping

Candy and clothes and jewelry and a million other gifts. Walk in and out of stores, hand in hand. Socks for Edward. A doll for Lauren. A broom because we need a new broom. A gift card, the most insensitive and thoughtless of presents, with an obscenely high balance.

“Jesus, who’s that for?”

“Someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

That shuts down the conversation, and what more could you ask for? Wrap the presents, go out after, laugh and joke and toast and cheer. Drive her home to a home that isn’t your home, but that’s fine, because she isn’t your girl. Staring at the ceiling, think about the gift card lying on a table at home. Think about what isn’t deserved and what is: a thousand gift cards, jewelery, clothes, candy, the world.

Think about someone who deserves the world.


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