To the Executives at Paramount Pictures

Cowards. All of you.


Cowards hopping on the

Bandwagon of ineffectuality.

It’s not about art

(We won’t lie to ourselves,

Not about that,

Not when there are

So many other choices,)

But evidently it’s not even

About the goddamn money.


Or maybe it is.


Maybe in a dark room,

Men with dead hearts,

Men who don’t care about

Suffering or ideals or

Anything but themselves

Have planned it all out,

Are speaking about ten-year-old

Movies with the hushed

Fearful excited nervous tones

Usually reserved for planning

To commit a crime.


This is it, boys.

This is how we make our killing.

Stir up some press.

Get their attention.

They’ll gasp and gape in disbelief.

They won’t be able to look away.”


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