Unpublished Excerpts from The Beast

I’m out tonight and “Waiting, Dreaming” concluded yesterday (hopefully you noticed!) so here’s some filler behind the scenes magic from not yet published parts of The Beast. Enjoy!

“I woke up this morning paraplegic with my legs utterly incapable of
functioning. I dragged myself with my arms to my hotel room’s auto-doc and laid on
the ground while it rejuvenated my cerebrospinal fluid.
“And the reason my back was fucked up to begin with is because I spent all
last night drinking and dosing myself with recreational drugs in an attempt to
regulate the hallucinations that have been haunting me for the past year and
“You get where I’m going with this? I woke up this morning and I couldn’t
walk, and the reason I couldn’t walk is because my brain sees shit that isn’t there
and I hurt myself trying to make it stop. So do I believe in mind-body duality? Do I
believe my mind and my meat are fundamentally opposite and opposed, yin and
yang, cats and dogs, water and fire?
“I believe that both of those fuckers are out to get me.”

* * *

“Hey,” I say to no one in particular.
hey murmur back responses.
“So you’re not dead?” Googe asks.
I take a deep breath, let it out slowly. “I guess not.”
Erb sighs, reaches into his pocket, hands Googe a credit chip.

* * *

She looks at me and she smiles, lines of happiness at the corners of her
mouth and her eyes, and it’s funny how there’s so much warmth in her expression
when the blue and green of her heterocromatic eyes are such cool colors.


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