Not-So-Random Writing Prompt 16: Waiting, Dreaming, Pt.1

Say it with me now!

The website posts a piece of concept art every Saturday challenging its viewers to write a piece of flash fiction based on that art. In the past, I would choose a piece at random, but this time I just picked one that appealed to me. Exciting, no?

This piece is entitled “Waiting, Dreaming,” inspired by the “Indie and the Sunken City” by Tucker Cullinan. I don’t own this image, I claim no rights to this image, and should Tucker stumble across this post and demand that the image be removed, I will gladly do so. Also, you should go check out his work at and his portfolio website at

Let’s begin!

When the stars were right, Pimoa awakened already climbing up the great stone steps of its tomb. Arms extended, claws gripped masonry, the arms retracted into its great bulk, shifted through its form, became legs, released. It oozed towards the great stone door that it had ordered its spawn to build in anticipation of the Fall.

The spawn were all dead now, entombed alongside their progenitor, sacrificed to keep it alive, but that had been part of the plan. Pimoa knew that the vermin of this world would become passably sentient creatures given enough time. It had seen visions of the misbegotten creatures serving it, their minds soft and malleable things. They would prostrate themselves in awe at its horrible glory. They would sacrifice themselves on the altar of its whims. In the meantime, they were poor custodians of the planet, but that didn’t matter. The world itself was inconsequential. It would be a footnote in the tale of Pimoa’s conquest of the stars.

Pimoa set a pseudopod upon the door and pushed. The radiation of the planet’s dim sun shone upon Pimoa’s flesh, and a sensation not unlike joy coursed through its colossal frame.


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