Things I Have Seen in Washington, D.C. That Fill Me with a Sensation Best Described as Hope

– The sheer number of people going to museums and galleries and monuments, staring in awe at the knowledge and talent and history on display before them.

– That the Lincoln Memorial has the text of his Second Inaugural Address on the wall, a speech that points out the absurdity and impossibility of two opposing sides in a conflict both having God on their side, as well as pointing out that the sins of slavery might require a sacrifice of wealth and blood before they are forgiven which (perhaps inadvertently) predicts the cries for restitution.

– The small children in the Smithsonian’s Natural History museum who seem excited to be learning and not just excited to be running around screaming.

– The one person out of ten walking down the street talking into a phone excited about the socially beneficial work they’re doing (as opposed to the nine others pontificating at great length about stupid bullshit.)

– The fact that for all the (rightful) discontent with Congress and (rightful or not) discontent with the president that we feel as a nation, people still want to come to this city and gawk in wonder at the history on display here, the symbolism.

– The generosity of my friends who found space for me in their tiny studio apartment for a long weekend.

– The way reconciliation comes easily for them after an argument.

– The guileless, unafraid love they have for each other.

– The way they show it for all the world to see.


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