A Few More Politically Incorrect Thoughts Within and Around Washington, D.C.

– I have never seen so many drunk men in suits.

– I have never seen so many irritated women in cocktail dresses.

– No one on public transit here blasts music for all to here. This is both refreshing and alienating.

– Fireball Whiskey is the unofficial official shot of Washington, D.C. You might be told it isn’t, you might be told that it’s just what’s popular everywhere, but don’t believe it.

– College students everywhere are terrible proto-humans. Homo sapiens annelidus. The ones here prompted a friend to coin the term fuckboys, and after seeing a group of well-heeled college kids on the Metro laughing their asses off at their friend who had shit his pants and was down on the ground with his legs up on the seats like he was waiting for his gynecologist to do his pap smear, I understand why she felt the need to do so.

– Language is descriptive, not prescriptive. We invent words so we can talk about the things we see. Talking about the way we wish things were is speaking in fictions.


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