Politically Incorrect Thoughts Within and Around Washington, D.C.

– Black lives matter. This town runs on them. They serve the food. They pour the drinks. They stand guard at the monuments. I want to see you try and function without them.

– Everyone I’ve ever met has claimed that the people of the town they’ve moved to are the worst ever. The drivers in DC might actually be the worst ever. To quote Sakaria, the city is crazy and it makes its people crazy.

– The National Mall shuts down at sunset. The rest of the area, like the real of the nation, breathes and gasps and crawls long into the night.

– The infrastructure dates to the 19th century. The people live in the 21st.

– Apropos of nothing, to quote a West Coast philosopher, “Fuck you and everything you stand for. High five.”

– The three hour timezone difference between the East Coast and the West is absurd. I wake up every morning wanting to connect with someone I know only to realize they are still sleeping, still in bed.

– I sincerely hope I meet the esteemed senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. For “reasons.”

– How much inequity in this country would disappear if there was no town car service here, no helicopters, no helicopters, no private jets? If there was only the people, and the people that served them had to live like them?

– You are supposed to be serving us. Not making nearly four times the national average, nor working a hundred days less. Serving.

– Black lives matter in this city. Do yours?


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