Thoughts on Having Written Half a Novel

And now for some self-analysis in the style of Alexander Pope. Except I can’t actually be bothered to write in true iambic pentameter, so here’s some heroic couplets that rhyme but have no consistent meter. Enjoy?


Let’s be frank: the great work is unfinished,

But this does not the attempt diminish.

(So I’ve heard. I wish I could believe that,

But my faith doesn’t work that way. I’ve sat

And watched the book’s scope and my frustration

Grow in equal measure.) Termination

Of the thing was not an option: Sunk cost

Saw to that. So many nights lost, things tossed

Aside in pursuit of self-perception

(Write, Writer. If that’s not self-deception,

Write. End where before you’d only begin.)

I promise you, Studlu will rise again.


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