Kings of the Fall

I went to see the Weeknd last night. The show’s still kind of on mind, so the title is shamelessly cribbed from his most recent single. Enjoy!


Bummed cig in one hand,

Can in the other

(Olympia, PBR, Hamm’s,

Whatever gets it done,

Whatever gives you something solid

to hold on to)

Cold weather turning colder

Warm jackets

Packed bars

Clubs like saunas

(You can move

Shake and sweat out

Everything that’s wrong)

Johnny lost his job and

Tim’s girl got another man and

Patrick’s chick caught him cheating but

In these moments, it’s all good

Weed in your cap

Flask in your pocket

Smirk on your face

Steel and blood inside you

Concrete underneath

Wheels and tracks and gears moving

Ride it out

Even at one in the morning on the train

With your head buzzing

And your pockets empty

You know that when you get knocked down

You can still look up

You know that you might not be meant

For red carpets

And penthouse apartments

And all the other shit

They sing about

But in the alleys and streets,

The bars and pool halls,

(Not the flashing lights but the

Dark spaces in between,)

We can be kings


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