Mal du Siècle

500 posts. Confetti and noisemakers go here.



to the 21st century.


Welcome to the noise,

the chaos,

to nightmares fit

to scare Dick sober.

Welcome to an all-seeing

eye Orwell never foresaw.

Line up for your hit of soma,

a shot of Drencrom,

a slice of Black Meat.

Coffee, booze, cigarettes,

whatever it takes

to make the Manpigs go

ennui-ui-ui all the way home,

and if all else fails,

if nothing else will get you


there’s always

a lead injection.

Listen to la fée verte:


the cities are crowded,

the planet is dying,

the rich are dancing

on the bones of the poor.


The game is rigged


(and, oh,

don’t kid yourself,

it absolutely is.)


But, Hell,

every entry comes with

one free try.

You already have a coin.

Might as well use it.


Put it in the machine,

pull the lever,

see what you can win.


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