Corona XV

Today’s post, Corona XV, is on Go to to read Corona XV.  Seriously. To see the final part of Corona, go to I cannot drill this into your head enough. Also, repetition helps search engine optimization. Corona XV.

So, as you may have guessed once the parts of Corona started appearing closer together, or if you went back and read them in numerical order, or if you read the tags on the posts (you do read the tags for clues as to what the hell I’m writing about, don’t you?) there was a larger structure at work here. I won’t go into it, though. I have no idea if anyone’s interested in a dissertation on poetry forms and authorial intent and so forth. If you are, leave a comment. I’ll illuminate everything for you.

Anyway, to reiterate, today’s post is on, and it completes the Corona cycle. If you want to just read it, go directly there and poke around. (I also have an author bio and interview there! A link to that has been added to the “About” page for handy future reference.) If you’d rather read the poems in order, or just find them all in one place, please refer to the links below (now with semi-official individual titles!)

Now, this is way more than I usually rant. Perhaps you’re asking yourself how come. Well, the truth is that this poem is a milestone for me. It’s not the first time my writing’s ever been published, but it is the first time I’ve ever been paid for a publication. Which I suppose officially makes me a professional writer. Or maybe I was already a professional writer and this just provides concrete evidence to support that claim. Or maybe I’m just desperate for validation.

In any case, go to and read Corona XV!

I – Aphelion

II – Time Enough at Last

III – 55 Cancri e

IV – Musica Universalis

V – Milanković Theory

VI – Posthuman

VII – Laika

VIII – Eternal Return

IX – Cognitive Bias

X – Anthropic Principle

XI – Parsons

XII – Arecibo

XIII – Pleroun

XIV – Celestial Mechanics

XV – Perihelion


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