Demons of Metal, Demons of Glass, Pt. 13

The homes along Esau’s were mostly dark, the people that dwelt within smart enough to bar their doors and shut their windows and extinguish every light when they heard gunshots echoing in the dark. But as he ran through the winding streets and alleys, he noticed a few faces poking out from behind curtains, even a few rooms bathed in light where men and women stood with their bodies leaning out the windows, bracing their hands on the windowsills.

“Idiots,” he thought. If they were smart, they would be sitting in the dark, armed and waiting for the danger to pass but ready to defend themselves if trouble came for them. And if they were bold but cautious, they would have a rifle leaned against the wall next to them, ready to return fire from the window if necessary. But these fools that hung out of the window, perched like clumsy birds, they deserved whatever they got for attracting unwanted attention to themselves.


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