Demons of Metal, Demons of Glass, Pt. 9

Esau blinked in surprise, thinking for a moment that the goggles had suddenly failed him completely, but the lenses hadn’t gone dark. The walls of the home were still vividly bright. The cold, dark body of the demon had simply disappeared. “That’s impossible,” he muttered to himself. He’d used the goggles for years now, used them to hunt prey for food, used them in battle, and he had never seen anything simply disappear like that. He reduced the magnification on the lenses and swept his head from side to side, searching for the darkness of the demon’s body and finding nothing.

And the walls of the home bled.

He frowned, watched as heat slipped off the home and formed a humanoid form, tall and thin, perfectly uniform in color. “That’s not a person,” Esau thought. “People are warm at the chest, the face, colder at the limbs. That thing isn’t human.”

He didn’t hesitate. He did what came naturally.

He picked up his rifle and opened fire.


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