Demons of Metal, Demons of Glass, Pt. 3

The elders of the city met in their most guarded location then, and they argued for many long hours as they tried to decide what to do.

“I still think that we must look within to find the suspect.”

“Nonsense. None of our people would ever commit such atrocities.”

“Oh? Have you forgotten Josiah?”

“No. No, I’ve not forgotten Josiah. It was my husband’s sister’s son that Josiah killed, as I’m sure you recall.”

“The child last night was crucified, Sarai. There is a sickness at work here that none of our people, not even Josiah, has ever expressed before.”

“Agreed. The intention was to frighten us. To unsettle us. To wound our people to their core.”

“I’d argue it succeeded. That was Rebekah, Esau’s girl that was murdered. What are we to do with him? What are we to do for him? The man sits in his home weeping and tearing at his hair.”

“What can we do? He lost the son, he lost the mother, and now he has lost the daughter. What else in this world is left for him?”

“We must focus. Tragic as it may be, Esau’s loss is not our gravest concern. The enemy is in our midst, and we must do something about it.”

“What can we do?”

“We must arm ourselves. Post guards throughout the streets and have them patrol until the break of day. If they see anything suspicious, they will take decisive action.”

The elders agreed that the plan was good, and it was so. Fifty guards were stationed through the city and they patrolled in pairs. In the morning, twenty of them were found dead, torn apart and nailed to buildings and fences and walls as the child and the pets had been.


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