Demons of Metal, Demons of Glass, Pt. 2

They were a whispered rumor at first. Shadows that appeared in doorways and disappeared just as quickly. Scratching at windows. Noises heard in the dead of night. The sensation of nervousness and unease that had plagued humans since they’d first huddled together by a dying fire praying for warmth and the break of day. The people of the city laughed it off. And then they began discovering the bodies.

Pets left torn apart on doorsteps. Dogs with their throats cut. Cats with their bellies slit. The people wept and they cursed, wondering what kind of monster would commit such crimes against their own people while an enemy waited at their gates.

The enemy that stood motionless. The enemy that knew everything. The enemy that had surrounded the city for a weak and made no move at all.

Then the children began dying. The people of the city could hear laughter echoing across the rooftops in the dead of night, and they knew they were not alone.


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