Demons of Metal, Demons of Glass, Pt. 1

Enough horror! How about some sci-fi for a change?

Edited because WordPress thought it was too good for Ctrl-V. Yeesh.

First the soldiers surrounded the city, barely human shapes in black and green with glass eyes like an insect’s, great knobby backs, arms and legs like an ape’s. They circled the city with their guns and their tanks, and they waited. The people could hear the buzzing of the soldiers’ drones. Sometimes it was a low roar, a lumbering beast stirring itself to action. Other times it was a high-pitched hum, a mosquito in search of weakness and blood. For a week the soldiers waited outside the city, watching motionlessly.

During that week, life went on much as it always had. The city lay at a crossroads, and over many long years many armies had attempted to march through it, or around it, or claim it as their own. Many had failed, and the people of the city had grown thin and hard from the near constant warfare. The men were killers, the women warriors, the children as clever and dangerous as the wolves of old. They fought with the weapons defeated armies had left behind. They fought with weapons of their own design. And when all else had failed them, they fought with sullen looks and quiet rage that exploded suddenly and unexpectedly, a bomb left hidden in the mid-day sun.

They were a people versed in war, and they did not fear these men who styled themselves like insects. But then the demons came.


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