There is No “Morning After” Pill for Regret

Yet another poem conceived and written in November of 2011. It’s been cleaned up some, but it’s actually pretty close to the original. The other two poems I just posted benefited from some extra attention and polish, but I find that this one speaks to me about as much now as it did back when it was written. Not that I’m in the same headspace. Rather, I think there’s something sort of timeless about the content here. It’s probably universally true that sooner or later a straight male is going to do something mind-bogglingly stupid that results in the pre-mature termination of a relationship with a woman (whether that relationship is platonic, romantic, or what have you.) Lord knows I’m no stranger to that experience.

Time has created an odd sort of distance and perspective on these older poems. Reading them now is sort of like unearthing a time capsule, looking at old photograph, etc., etc. Back then, I was unemployed, unhappy, and generally kind of unpleasant to be around. Especially if I’d been drinking. Fortunately (and unfortunately,) the world’s marched on since then and I’m no longer the same, 24 year old brat I was back then.

For example, I’m gainfully employed now.


In times of desperation,

The mind seizes

On a thought,

Loops it,

Turns it from an idea

Into a mantra.


I have to apologize.


I repeat my creed

Again and again,

A modern day

Rite of exorcism.


But it won’t save me.


It dispels nothing.

The demon remains,

And no ritual

Will make her pick up the phone.


I have to apologize.


Maybe she’ll speak to me again,

But I’ve never met a woman

Who understood forgiveness

Is not the same as redemption.


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