Like yesterday’s piece, this poem was also originally conceived and written in November of 2011. It’s current form is quite a bit different from the original. For example, in the two and a half years since then, I learned the word theophory and decided to use it as the title instead of the much more boring “New Faith.”

Ugh. “New Faith.” Like some kind of uninspired portmanteau of New Order’s song “True Faith.” So boring. Anyway, enjoy!

Flax hair and

Lapis eyes

I created and blessed you


You, my beautiful heterodoxy

You, my graven image

You, my one who is like God


I drank of your blood,

Ate of your body,

That I might worship


In my faithfulness,

I fashioned a coffee shop

Altar where I

Could prostrate myself

Before your laugh,

Your easy smile

Where I can

Make myself believe


(That I have not

Done it backwards.

That I did not,

In my apostasy,

Create a goddess to save me

Instead of finding a faith

to believe in)


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