Simulations on a Theme, Pt. 1


It was a cube. Which, all things considered, could be worse.

Granted, being a cube was boring. Really boring. Soul-crushingly boring, if cubes could be said to have souls. But it wasn’t really that bad, as far as existences went. There were much worse things to be than cubes.

There was the time it had been a grain of sand, which was a lot like being a cube but somehow even more pointless. There hadn’t even been the aesthetic comfort of a being a regular, polyhedral shape. And nobody like sand. Oh, most inhabitants of most simulations had an innate appreciate for beaches, but that wasn’t the same thing at all. And there had even been simulations where the inhabitants hadn’t liked sand. What other explanation could there be for why those simulations where it had been sand and then it had been glass when heat was applied to the sand?

And being sand had been bad enough. It didn’t even want to think about the times it had been feces or a frozen rock tumbling through the void of space or a cancer cell being endlessly cultured. No, better by far to be a cube.

So it was a cube. It was a very good cube for a very long time, and then it was not.


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