The Doom that Came to Mazatweidon, Pt. 6

Hush. Now, the cult of the Red Woman spread quickly throughout the streets and homes of Mazat. It wasn’t long before the number of her adherents swelled.”

“How is that possible when the Apostate was preaching suicide?”

“It was the kind of religion that preached an ideal for you to strive towards, expecting that you might not get there. Not every Buddhist has what it takes to ritually mummify themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t revere those that do.”

“That is not a real–”

“Anyway! The elite of Mazat society reacted to this threat to their rule and their power by forbidding the Red Children, for so they called themselves, from gathering in numbers in public.”

“And what did the Red Children do?”

“They armed themselves. Those rare few from amongst the military and noble castes took up the weapons of their families, sword and shield, spear and bow. The farmers and the shepherds wielded staff and scythe and axe. The poorest of the poor made slings from whatever scraps they could gather and the rocks they found on the ground.”

“And then they went to war, hm?”

Josef shook his head. “No. They became secretive and wary. They met in dark alleyways where the city guard never went, in the private homes of those wealthy enough to own such places. Very rarely they would be caught by the guards and put to death, but such individuals were heralded as holy martyrs.”

Howard sighed, sipped his beer, and leaned back in his chair. “Really, is this going anywhere? It feels like you’re just stalling for time at this point.” He glanced down at the pint glass in his hands and sniffed. “I mean, my drink’s almost empty. At this rate, I might have to order another.”

“Here, I’ll get it for you.” Josef waved to get the attention of a waitress, asked for another round. She smiled at them. The two men smiled back.


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