The Doom that Came to Mazatweidon, Pt. 5

So what happened once the Apostate started spreading the good word about the Red Woman?”

“The poor and the hungry and the helpless took up the Crimson Banner immediately. Before the Apostate started preaching about the Red Woman, there was a god and a goddess for everyone. Everyone except for the destitute and the downtrodden, that is. And the upper crust of Mazat society didn’t like this one bit.”

“Of course not. You can’t have the lower class in a pre-feudal society deciding that they deserve things like humane treatment and equal rights and protections under the law and such.”

Josef shook his head. “It wasn’t that. The Red Woman taught that life was suffering and so on and so forth, and that the logical response to such misery was to shorten the suffering.”

Howard mulled Josef’s words for a moment, turning them over in his head. “So, suicide.”

Josef grinned. “Mass suicide! People flinging themselves from rooftops! Slitting their throats in the streets! Burning themselves in protest!”

Howard chuckled. “This is quite the sick little blend of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism you have going on here.”


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