Some Things Stick With You, Pt. 20

Louis slept fine that night, and the next, and every night after. Richard spent an hour, two hours every night just standing there watching, disconnected thoughts racing through his mind. He’s sleeping okay. That’s good. But why? He had nightmares nearly every day of his life, but now he’s fine?

Did the pictures help? He didn’t seem moved by them at the time.

I’m tired. I should go to bed.

A little bit longer.

I have work in the morning.

What if he’s right about Frank? What if Frank’s right about him?

` Then I should just go to bed.

A little bit longer.

You know what? Julia was wrong. This isn’t interesting at all.

After a week, Richard started having nightmares. Shadows crept around the apartment, sniffing like a dog, seeking a way inside. He could see them from a distance, like he was watching outside of his body.

The next night they found a way in, and he could hear them creeping through the halls. They sniffed at Louis’s door, and they moved on.

The night after that, they found his.

In his dreams, a dark blue hand closed around the doorknob, pushed the door open, stepped into his room. He was lying there in bed, unaware and helpless but twisting in the throes of a nightmare. The shadow crept up to his bed, and he could feel it smile.

A voice echoed in his head, beating him down, crushing him like a demon sitting on his chest, like a whisper telling him it’s his own fault, like a grown man’s hand clamped over a child’s mouth.

So interesting. You are so much more interesting.

He woke up screaming.


And that’s the end of “Some Things Stick With You.” About halfway through the story, I decided to take it in a completely different direction than I’d originally intended, and I feel like this one really got away from me as a consequence. Sigh. The dangers of posting my writing as I write it, I suppose. I suppose it’ll all work itself out in subsequent revisions. Anyway, stay tuned for something very different and much freaking shorter!


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