Some Things Stick With You, Pt. 4

So what’d you think of the lecture today?”

“Fascinating stuff, Julia. Same as ever.”

Julia slapped Louis hard across the back and stepped alongside him, grinning her bright grin, green eyes shining and red curls bouncing in the sunlight. For whatever reason, she’d befriended Louis, her small, fair form standing in stark contrast to his own hulking swarthiness (as she had called it,) and now she felt comfortable enough around him to swat him on the back and tease him outside of class and make him laugh inside it. She was never around for very long before or after their psych lectures, probably because she was out hanging out with folks her own speed, privileged and fair like she was, but Louis appreciated the moments they shared. He didn’t understand why they shared them, but he appreciated it nonetheless.

Some days, when he needed a distraction from the he was even grateful for it.

“What’d you think of it, Julia?”

She smiled brighter than before. “I thought it was dry and boring.”

Louis smirked. “Maybe you ought to pick a different major.”

She pouted at that. “I’m allowed to think a class is boring without having to think that I should be in a different major. Not everyone has to think every aspect of their chosen career is ‘super fascinating stuff.’”

Louis snorted. “I didn’t say ‘super’ fascinating.”

“You didn’t have to.”

Louis let his feet carry him towards the nearest dining hall. Julia followed, walking a few feet to his side, studying him with a quizzical look. “Yes?” he finally said after a few minutes. “Can I help you?”

“What got you interested in psychology in the first place?”

“I don’t know. What about you?”

“My dad once said that people get into pysch to figure out what’s wrong with themselves.”

“Is that so?”

“Themselves or the people around them.”

Louis tried to keep from frowning. He didn’t want Julia to see that her words were getting to him. “If you say so, Freud.”


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