First Date, Pt. 3

The woman smiled. “It’s rude to rob a diner but not to rob a bank?”

The man thought about it. “Well, a robbery’s a robbery, I suppose. But it’s easier to justify robbing a bank, no? We rob this place, we’re taking money out of nice, hardworking, little old couple. We rob a bank, it’s like… like punching a slot machine and having it pay out. There’s just something satisfying about it. Something just.

“And it’s just so much more fun.”

The woman laughed. “Alright, then. The bank. Let me go and freshen up. We’ll talk plans when I get back.”

She picked up her bag, a bag big enough and strong enough to carry the weight of guns, zip ties, masks, all the accoutrements of their trade, and walked over towards the bathroom. He watched as she walked away, and once she had opened the door and shut it behind her, he smiled. This might actually work out. This might actually work.

After a few moments, it occurred to him that she might not return. That she might have just gotten him to confess to a conspiracy. But she came back, and she set her bag down with a heavy thud. They talked about cameras and guards and silent alarms and police response times, and all the while he smiled and nodded thinking happily about what the future might hold.


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