Sick Mouse, Pt. 2

The short begins with the sick mouse standing in his bedroom, one hand on his stomach and the other on the wall. A title card says, “Golly, my stomach hurts! I must have eaten something bad.” The mouse then vomits a black fluid for fifteen seconds. He finishes, then collapses facedown in the vomit, eyes closed and panting with exhaustion. Meanwhile, a humanoid figure rises out from the fluid. The figure is all black with long thin limbs. It stands nearly as tall as the room, much taller than the mouse. It wears no clothes, it has no identifying marks of any kind, and it has no features upon its head. It is simply dark all the way through.

It stands still for a few moments before it looks down and regards the sick mouse carefully (and it must be stressed at this point that the figure has no eyes with which to look at the mouse. It can only be said to be regarding the mouse because its back hunches slightly, its head tilts down.) A title card appears: “You do not look well, little mouse.”

The mouse looks up, exhausted and pained but not in the least surprised by the sudden appearance of the figure before him. “I sure don’t feel well, mister!”

“Would you feel better?”

The mouse vomits black fluid again. It stains the corners of his mouth, spots his gloves and his pants. “Yes, mister! I’d do anything to feel better!”

The figure stands up straight. “The suffering in the world is constant, little mouse. Do you know what that means?”

The mouse opens his mouth to answer, but more of the fluid issues forth. The figure does not react or comment to this, but instead continues speaking. “It means that for one to feel well, another must suffer. If you would abandon your pain, another must take your place.”


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