2013 – Retrospective 2: Retrospective Harder

Here we are again. When I was writing the wrap-up post last year, I mentioned be surprised that me and the blog were both still here (not because I have a terminal illness or anything. Just because I’m easily distracted.) I don’t feel that this year. After two years of writing (mostly) regularly, the blog’s become a part of my identity. I’ve fancied myself a writer since I was in high school, but there’s a difference between saying something and doing it, no? I may not make money off the blog, but it’s my second job, and one I love far more than the first. (Part of me is concerned about leaving a paper trail of this online, but on the other hand, come on. Obviously. When my day job pays me not just to do work I’m technically proficient at but instead work that I’m actually passionate about, I’ll love it too.)

And that’s been, perhaps, the most defining aspect of 2013 for me. This has been a year where my own personal hierarchy of needs was met and I could really let myself be passionate about writing. And I guess it paid off! This has been one of my most successful years as a writer. Matt Molgaard of Horror Novel Reviews saw something in me that no editor’s ever seen before and published two of my stories in anthologies (available here and here.) I like to think that I’ve got a healthy sense of self-esteem and that I’m not completely dependent on other people to validate the worthiness of my existence, but goddamn if it don’t feel good to know someone else thinks you’re at least partially awesome as you think you are. This represents the first two stories of my semi-professional career to be published, and God willing, there will be plenty more to come.

I also attempted NaNoWriMo this year and fell flat on my face. As always. But I got farther this year than ever before, and I’m more confident in the central conceits of my story than ever before. Maybe 2014 will be the year I finally write/finish a novel.

In terms of the format of the blog, 2014 will be completely different from past years. I’m going to try something insane and new that will likely drive me mad. I’m going to update everyday. Short posts, probably no more than the equivalent of a page double-spaced, but there will be 365 of them. And hey, that’s as many pages as a decently long novel! Not that I intend for the novel I began this past NaNoWriMo to be the one I complete this year. This’ll be all new material.

So a few disjointed thoughts before signing off.

  • Big thanks to Matthew Molgaard. I’ve never been published outside of an academic setting before. Seeing my name in print (or eInk, or what have you,) goes a long way towards convincing me that I’m not just scribbling on the walls of my room.

  • Thank you to my friends and family who bought the anthologies Matthew put out.

  • Thank you to all my new followers and all the likes I got on my stories this year. Such a little thing, but it helps build the self-esteem, helps generate buzz, and helps with exposure. In a perfect world, I’d love to be able to do this for a living, and you guys are the butterflies that could someday build me up into a hurricane.

  • Thanks to all my old followers and readers. Go team!

  • Thank you to Michelle. There was never a time when I didn’t think you had my back as a writer, and honestly, that probably keeps me going more than anything else most days.

Alright, that’s all I got. Let’s get 2014 started off with a little something I’m calling the Alphabet of Madness and see where it takes us from there. Thank you for reading, and please read more.

– Thomas Cavazos


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